Friday, February 22, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Recap 4x15


This episode has got to be one of the most powerful episodes of season 4, I didn't even want to write this recap, but it's a must and emotions can't come between priorities. 

When Elena finds Jeremy's body on the floor and without a pulse she breaks down..( can't say I blame her since it's her brother, the only family she has..had left )

Stefan goes back to Mystic Falls with her and Jeremy's body, Damon stayed behind looking for Bonnie but ends up finding Rebekah. She asks Damon where the cure is because she knows that someone has it, and Damon let's her know that yes its true someone does have the cure the one and only Katherine of course.

While walking together Damon comes across the vampire hunter who captured him and ties him up and makes him talk. Damon knew that the hunter knew how Katherine was aware of there whereabouts and how to get to the cure...after a little pep talk from Rebekah (which by the way as creepy as it was she's deliciously evil) he let them know that he met Katherine in New Orleans and she led the way to Silas.

Damon and Bonnie share a hug, now if you're an avid TVD watcher you know their relationship and that hug that they gave each other was beautiful. I totally ship Bonnie and Damon as friends.

Back in MF Stefan is talking to Caroline about how Elena is in denial and how she's not coping well with what's going on, Elena thinks that the ring can bring him back to life but it can't..Jeremy was one of the 5 vampire hunters aka a supernatural and the ring doesn't work for the supernatural. So yes Jeremy is dead and my heart was broken, shattered, stepped on and ripped into a million pieces...oh Jeremy.

Can we take a moment to acknowledge Matt please? Matt is the only human, not supernatural person who in my opinion matters in the show, and when he saw that Jer was dead his facial expression broke my heart. Matt has been through so much in this season alone and now seeing his best friend dead, well he could have easily broken down. But not Matt, no he's strong himself and even more for Elena.

"This town, this crazy ass world we live in, sometimes not being willing to accept that someone is gone is because maybe they're not. At least not completely." - Matt.

So in this episode professor shady pants is a lot more shady and during this episode I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right and so my gut felt it so it should be. Silas took the form of professor shady pants and is fooling Bonnie into thinking she needs to finish what has been started to get Jeremy back. But will/can Bonnie really kill 12 innocent people and bring back ALL of the supernatural undead to bring Jer back?

Elena has a breakdown once she's out of the denial phase and realizes that she needs to make up a cover story as to what happen to Jeremy, she wants to set the house on fire and burn it down. Stefan tells Damon to help her so using his sire bond he tells Elena to shut it off, to let it go...

She shuts off her humanity...

Outside Stefan and Damon are talking and Stefan tells Damon that her humanity is all she has left, Damon knows that but it was what was best for her at the moment. Elena wouldn't have been okay, and Damon did what he had to, pain demands to be felt..that is unless you don't feel at all.

In that moment when Stefan and Damon are outside talking Damon tells Stefan she wasn't going to handle it unless she shut her humanity off, because what good is humanity when all your loved ones are gone? Stefan says but she has you, and Damon tells him "I'm not enough, not this time. She lost her brother!" At that moment Stefan realized that Damon in a way was trying to tell him that a brother is everything, and once you lose that you have nothing..In their own way Stefan and Damon told each other that they love each other that the bond of brothers is more important than anything. It was beautiful.

To end the recap Elena burns the house down, with Jeremy's body inside..(by then I broke down and was crying more than I have at an actual nonfiction death.)

This episode was intense, I was not emotionally or mentally ready for all that happen in this was amazing, painful, beautiful, and tragic.

Let us know what you think of this episode.

 "Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to mke up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be."

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