Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Music Tuesday

This NMT will be a compilation between Oriana and I. I picked the songs, so lets see what Oriana thinks about them.

The Wanted - Walks Like Rihanna

Ok first of all LOL to this song from The Wanted, its super catchy though. "She can't sing, she can't dance but who cares she walks like Rihanna." haha. The song is pretty much about a girl who's good looking with no talent but well walks like RiRi. Now we all know that RiRi walks like she's walking down a runway so that's saying something. That woman walks with a swag like no other. I'm a huge fan of The Wanted but this song is not one of my faves. Its quirky and entertaining though, so listen to it and enjoy it .

Jessie J. - Wild (Feat. Big Sean)

Yassss Jessie!!!! This song is definietly going to be on repeat for me this summer. "If this is a dream won't open my eyes, am I asleep? No I'm alive, I just can't believe that this is my life, in my fantasy we're running wild." Yess girlll this song is so good. It had me dancing in my seat writing this. From the beat to the lyrics and Big Sean adds a little something something to this song, workkkk! A great summer song, in my fantasy I'm also running wild ;). Love this song. (fangirling this one all summer)

Little Mix - Dna

"And my heart won't beat again if I can't feel him in my veins." ufff this song is extra dope. Who would've thought you could sing about DNA? Its a great little love song, totes worth dedicating to your summer lover. The beat and the words are great. It's not sappy it has a great feel to it. Totally worth a listen or like 8 lol but what do I know, I'm just giving ya'll my opinion lol. I adore this song, I will def be bumping this while flirting with my summer boy ;)

Snakeships - On & On

This song is very chill, it has a very west coast, California vibe. It's a chill little track to listen to and sit on your stoop with your friends vibing and relaxing. "And it goes on and on and on way past just a game." cruiseeee. If you're a skater this is something you'll def want to take your board and cruise with. Chill song, great vibe. listen to it and enjoy it.

B.o.B - HeadBand (Feat. 2 Chainz)

Of course we needed a booty poppin ghetto girlllll song haha. This song is def for my young and ratchets and ain't no shame in that. This song is chill, "pussy tighter than a headband" ohhh. It is a bit explicit so keep the kiddies away from the uncensored version lol. But I won't lie I totally popped my little booty to this. I really like the beat and the feel of this song. Good rhymes, pretty decent beat, and I like the whistling in the background. "Like she do in the mirror" lol. Enjoy this one guys.

Overall all the songs Tee has chosen for NMT have a summerish vibe and are really cool to just listen to and chill. I hope you'll listen and let us know which song you liked and didn't like. Also let us know what you want to hear. Any artist you want to see on NMT? Email us and let us know.

On that note, I'm outty 500 lol. x.O

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Review Monday: To Rome With Love, Movie Review

To Rome With Love (2012) 

Synopsis: In Woody Allen's ensemble comedy To Rome With Love, various lives intersect in the Italian city. The characters include architect John (Alec Baldwin), a young man (Jesse Eisenberg) in love with his girlfriend's best friend, an opera director (Woody Allen) who finds an undiscovered talent in an unexpected place, and Leopoldo (Roberto Benigni), who inadvertently becomes one of the most famous people in Rome. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi (From Fandango

Tanisha's Review: I absolutely enjoyed this movie. Very entertaining. As the title says, it takes  place in Rome, Italy and the movie has a lot in italian, but don't worry, there are subtitles. Woody Allen is quite hilarious, and had a great cast also. Featuring: Penelope Cruz (who I didn't know spoke fluent italian), Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg(The Social Network), and others that just did an amazing job. 

I'm not as familiar as everyone else on the subject of Woody Allen movies, but I can tell he's a comedic genius. I loved how they followed the couples as they experience their relationships like real-life couples do. The jokes don't go over your head, and you get to experience a little bit of Roman culture. So if the fact that it's a Woody Allen film doesn't encourage you, let Rome as the backdrop try. 

You even get free relationship advice. 

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. 

Got a movie review request? Email us at ohhteeblog@gmail.com 
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Sunday, May 26, 2013


"I'm not sentimental, I'm as romantic as you are. The idea, you know, is that the sentimental person thinks things will last...the romantic person has a desperate confidence that they won't."

F. Scott Fitzgerald 

There are a million reasons why I love this quote. See I'm not sentimental at all, I really am a true romantic. And a true romantic knows that things won't last but they go on and go through with it anyways. Because we rather know we did it and know the outcome, than always wonder what if?

I just wanted to share this with you guys. Also I have one more quote from Fitzgerald which is mainly for my ladies.

"Why don't you tell me that 'if the girl had been worth having she'd have waited for you'? No, sir, the girl really worth having won't wait for anybody.”

Keep that in mind ladies, you are always worth more than anything. Don't ever let a man think you'll just sit around waiting for him to get his shit together, because a real man will never have you wait.

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Movie Reviews Mondays

When we first started OhhTee Blog, we decided that we didn't want to just focus on books. We wanted to be more than that. Books, Music and Movies. Which is why we are starting Movie Review Mondays.

Our movie reviews won't just be about new released movies, but about movies I recommend for you guys to watch in general.

We'll still have book reviews, and New Music Tuesday; but we just want to expand a little more (as planned).

Thanks for sticking with us. We LOVE our followers.

-OhhTee Blog
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Music Tuesday

Tanisha's favorite New Singles of the week.

 Somebody Else - Mario (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 

It's funny, just last week I asked where Mario go, and look a new single. What was his last single? Break up? Thinking about you? I think he had Kelly Rowland in it. (Now I have to look this up..) Mind you that was 2009, but now he's working on his fifth studio album, Restoration. But he's also working on a mixtape that will be release this year also called, Truth Be Told. 

But more about this song. Somebody Else is great song to start with in his position trying to get back on the scene. Especially the fact that he has Nicki Minaj on this track, someone was being smart. Nicki's features will most likely get you on the Top-40 charts, and competing with the new music out now, that's what he needs. 

To keep with Mario's movements, visit his website by clicking here. 

 I Am Beautiful - Candice Glover

American Idol winner Candice Glover has released her first single. This woman has so much talent and passion in her performance, I honestly cannot wait to get her album. (Which is available for pre-order here.)  

I Am Beautiful should be an anthem for all the young ladies that need a self-esteem boost. 

To keep up with Candice visit her website by clicking here

X.O.X  - Elijah Blake (Feat. Common)

X.O.X is such a great song. I discovered it today while browsing on iTunes, and it was immediately added to my library. Common is such a hit and miss with me, but this was (as Oriana say) perf

I'm sure people can relate to this song, missing an ex, but having a relationship with new person. 

Check out this  song and let me know what you think. I love feedback. 

Click here to visit Elijah Blake's website. Click here to visit Common's. 

and lastly.....


I Choose U

Okay, so I have to admit, I was quite biased when I chose NMT this week. I know that this song is NOT NEW, but it's Timeflies. I'm such a fan-girl of them, that some might think I'm on a creeper level.

I've been following Timeflies since 2010, maybe early 2011 when they were just on youtube making Timeflies Tuesday videos. Now I see them on MTV and totally flip the !@#$ out.  I don't know what I love more, Rez's beats, Cal's singing/freestyling, or the sexiness they ooze from their pores.

Cal can literally freestyle about ANYTHING, trust me, I've seen it. Rez makes some of the dopest beats out there. If the music industry ever tries to change them, I will be totally pissed. They are perfect the way they are, and I hope they remember that.

I literally own every mixtape (the Scotch Tape is my favorite), single, everything. I also have some of their shirts. (I swear I'm not a stalker.)

Check out their other songs (links below), I promise you won't regret it. 

I'm not even going to review this song just CLICK the freaking play button!!!!!!!

This is their reaction to being on the radio for the first time, and I believe I had the same one! (We were listening at the same time, and same station coincidentally.)

Timeflies: Website, Twitter, Youtube, Store, Facebook 
-Tanisha <33333 
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My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

Taylor Caldwel is starting off her sophomore year of college dorming with her friends. But when the new roommate arrives it completely throws Taylor of her tracks.

See her new roommate isn't exactly a girl, its more of a super hot, blue eyes, tattooed, guitar playing guy named Hunter Zaccadelli. swoon.

Within the first couple of minutes of opening the door Hunter has already made it to the bad side of Taylor's moods, and she has dawned a new nickname Missy thanks to him. Not quite expecting Taylor to be so beautiful or bold Hunter has his work cut out for him.

When "Missy" refuses to share a dorm room with Hunter he proposes a bet, which she is reluctantly accepts. Hunter has secrets and so does Taylor and when two people spend so much time together secrets are bound to be exposed.

But are some secrets so horrible that they can break what you've spent years trying to rebuild?

Can Taylor and Hunter accept each other even with all their flaws?

"Sometimes people don't want the truth, sometimes the truth is worse than a lie."

This book is hilarious, the banter between Taylor and Hunter is so funny. Hunter is a cheeky bastard but gosh darnit its easy to fall in love with him. Although Taylor can be angry and bitter she's sweet and so strong. 

"Love is simple. You fall and that's it. You'll work the other stuff out. You just gotta let yourself fall and have faith that someone will be there to catch you."

I loved this one and can not wait to read more from this author. Read it, love it, adore it. 


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Vain (The Seven Deadly #1) by Fisher Amelie

If you're looking for a soft, romantic, "oh my god I was lost until I found you" book. This book is not for you. 

Sophie Price is a beautiful, drop dead gorgeous every guy wants her selfish bitch. She's got it good; money, beauty and freedom. She's the ring leader of the bunch, all spoiled brats like her, but even though she's "happy" she has no idea what true love or actual happiness feels like. Until she messes up big time and has to pay for her actions and it sent far away to pay for them.

That's when it all happens, where she meets Ian. The one guy who makes her weak in the knees and makes her feel emotions she's never experienced. But he automatically dislikes her, he knows what girls like her are all about..Vain girls, who spend more on one outfit than some pay for rent.

But with time Sophie changes she starts to realize what and who matters, she breaks the circle.

This book was great, it was different, and honest. Vanity is a sin, being so into yourself that you don't realize anything but yourself. Its one thing to be beautiful on the outside but if you're not beautiful on the inside than you might as well be an ugly troll. Beauty is skin deep and this book shows you that. 

It had touching moments, yes at one point I did cry, do not judge me you guys know how emotional I am lol. It also had some heart racing "holy crap! What's going to happen now" moments. 

I seriously loved this story and can't wait to read the other books in the series. 

x. O 

p.s Vain has two covers, the one I chose is the one I have on my Nook. The other one is this one 
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Monday, May 20, 2013


We are reading, reading, and doing some more reading. I hope you're excited for all the reviews coming soon. If you would like us to review your book, visit our contact page, message us on twitter, or email us. (Click the envelopes on the front page.)

-Tanisha (:
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Claim Me (Stark Trilogy #2) By J.Kenner

We pick up in this story right where we left off in Release Me. Nikki is still in the midst of her transaction with Mr. Stark, but now it's different. Their relationship has blossomed into something so much more powerful, erotic, fulfilling.

We already know that Damien is used to getting what he wants and when he wants it, so it comes to no shock that Nikki is his. But now Nikki wants more, she needs more, and my does she get it. We see her evolve in this book, she really is a strong female character but there are times when doubt creeps in and she can't help but wonder can someone like Damien ever really belong to another human being? Belong to her?

"Damien has seen me stripped bare in every way possible. And yet it seems as though I've only seen glimpses of him, and those cast in shadow."

But gosh darn it Nikki refuses to leave the man she loves, even when things go from bad to worst. She is determined to be by his side, and nothing, no one, or anything will get in her way, not even Damien trying to push her away.

Damien wants nothing more than to protect Nikki from his past, and from the secrets he holds. But he can't sometimes all the money in the world means nothing at all. Even when he tries to leave her, he can't. For he is a selfish man and needs Nikki in his life more than she might know. 

"But you're the one in control." I shift my hips a little, silently letting him know that I hold the control now. "No." He shakes his head. "That's an illusion, nothing more. It's you, Nikki. You have captured me utterly, and you hold my heart in your hands. Be gentle with it. It's more fragile than you might think."

Claim Me is utter brilliance. Kudos to Kenner who once again brings me to the edge of my seat. Of course she leave me with a cliffhanger and as far as my patience can go. I must of course take it all in good grace knowing that this summer Complete Me comes out and I get to read more about this dynamic duo.

"Bound to him. Marked by him. Claimed by him."

I am definitely Damienized so Stark me up.

x. O

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Music Tuesday

Check out the new songs I picked out for you this week: 

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack - Various Artist:

F. Scott Fitzgerald most popular book has been transformed into a movie, and now the sound track is out. It has a great line up on it. Jay Z, Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, Jack White, Gotye and more.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but if it's a good as the book and album, I'm sure I won't have any complaints.

This is a Sampler. You can sample all the songs off the album and thank me later. (: 

Lady Antebellum - Golden:

I literally have every album by them. Lady Antebellum was a drastic part of my convert to country music. Maybe because I think of them as Country/Pop. They have the twang, but they remind me of something on the Top-40 radio station.

We mentioned Lady Antebellum on NMT before when they debuted Downtown. If you liked that single, you'll love the album.


Demi Lovato: Heart Attack

Everyone has been talking about this album, so I just got it from iTunes. I'm glad Demi is back in action. She had a struggle just like every other woman in the world, but she handled it with maturity. But not only did she mature in life, she matured vocally. She's a grown woman now, and sure is acting like it.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

A lot like Love

Last week for my finals we had to present about opposites, my partner and I chose love and hate. Pretty simple concept, I opted for talking about hate, which seemed to have my ex boyfriend who happens to be in that class with me, ask me why I didn't talk about love instead. I looked at him like why would I talk about love and not have my married partner talk about it instead? He looked at me with a smirk and said “because you’re a hopeless romantic.” That led me to writing this post. I am a hopeless romantic and maybe that’s why I read all these love stories, and watch all those cheesy movies that make me cry and laugh and cry some more. I've been in love once my whole life and then I thought I was in love but realized that I was more in love with the idea than the person I was with. 

It’s something about the idea of love and being with someone that completes you that makes you feel safe and happy. But sometimes we push those people away, we let ourselves think that we don’t deserve the love and we build up walls but forget to build a door to let anyone in. All of us in a form are some kind of masochists we like the pain; we like being ripped apart and put up for a show. And the sadist in us lets us do it every time we fall in love. Falling in love doesn't hurt until you hit the ground, until you get out of the bubble you blew up. But all bubbles pop, and sometimes we need to face that rather than running from that. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, and yes I think love can conquer all. But I also think sometimes we need to let ourselves know the difference between being in love and loving the idea that we’re in love. We need to distinguish the feelings and not allow ourselves to be with someone simply because we think it’s what we want. Being selfish is ok if it makes you happy you should never have to settle for less.

With that said I want to let all our readers know, that love is beautiful, love is pure, love is a phenomenon. But love also hurts; it wounds us, leaves scars, and can be the most painful of all emotions. But if the person we love is really in all honesty the one, we will take the pain, accept the demons that come along with it, and brace ourselves for the ride. Because you don’t let the love of your life go, not for anything, not for anyone.. 

Always remember that if it makes you happy, than that’s all that matters. Find what and who makes you happy and you go for it.

x. O
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Light in the Shadows (Find You in the Dark sequel) by A. MeredithWalters

"And he asked her to share his forever." 

Clayton Reed had a lot of issues, a destructive mind, and a love that triggered him in both good and bad ways . He was consumed by darkness but in that darkness he found the light..Maggie May Young. 

Maggie would love Clay no matter what, through it all, forever. She would save him even when she needed saving, she would risk it all for the boy she loves. But when Clay leaves and she realizes she's not strong enough to be okay..her world falls apart. She realizes that living in self pity isn't going to do her any good so she attempts to put herself and her life back together. That is until Clayton comes back and once again her world is turned upside down, inside out. 

Clayton comes back to Virginia after a horrible tragedy which makes him have to be the strong one, the one to depend on. But seeing Maggie again triggers something in him. The one girl he'll ever love, his light in the darkness. 

Wanting to do right by her Clay will try anything to get another chance with the girl he loves. But is he strong enough to handle it? Are there some issues you can't overcome? How many times can you tell yourself that you're ok when you're not? 

Light in the Shadows is an amazing story, a great continuation to Find You in the Dark. It brings you up and and takes you down. You feel for Clayton and Maggie and want their relationship to overcome it all. 

"In the dark, she became my light." 

There are some funny bits. Maggie is sarcastic and well Clay is Clay so even though you know it's rough and he's going through some issues you will giggle here and there. But mainly this story is real, it shows you that you can overcome the demons who try and take over your life. But mainly it shows you that no matter how screwed up you are when someone honestly loves you, they love you for everything you are; demons and all. 

"I'll wait for you. I'll always wait for you."

Read this story and love it and remember if you're going through hell keep going. The thing about shadows is that there has to be light in order to have them. 

x. O

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Music Tuesday!

So to make up for missing last Tuesday's NMT, I'll do a few extras for you. <3 Please forgive me!

Mariah Carey (Feat. Miguel) - #Beautiful

Aww sh!t, MiMi is back with a new one. I'm actually listening to this as I type about it, and I've declared, this might WILL be my summer jam. I'm so glad she picked Miguel to be on here with her. It's smooth, calming, and a new sound for Mariah. I like that Mariah can always get back in the game and effort is FLAWLESS. Married with two kids, and still hitting those high notes. WHAT?! She's my musical idol. Too bad I heard she's leaving American Idol. I LOVE YOU MIMI *Fan-girl voice*

Becky G - Becky from the Block

Who remembers J-Lo's Jenny from the Block? Well this is the 2013 Becky G version. Becky G has a cute little flow, and I like it. Representing Inglewood, CA, she's talking about her life back home, and quite honestly, I like when artist talk about their hometowns. The first time I heard of Becky G was on a Cody Simpson song, and she was a great feature. The only thing I don't like about her "style" is her wannabe chola-ness. If you don't know what a chola is, click here for the definition. If you still don't understand, e-mail Oriana.

Bingo Players - Rattle (Sexy Lady) [Feat. 2 Chainz]

I don't know much about Bingo Players, but after listening to this song, I'm on a search for good songs by them. To be honest, I've never had a thing for 2 Chainz, but I think he's slowly changing that. I don't know many songs by him, but his features are pretty hot. This song will specifically be a club hit. I don't care what anyone says. Blast it with the windows down, blast it in the gym while you're trying to get that one last mile in. I just want to put on some bright neon shorts and shake it while listening to this song.

Daft Punk - Get Lucky [Feat. Pharrell]

Daft Punk is a classic. If you don't know who they are e-mail me, I can recommend good tunes for you. Honestly, words don't do Daft Punk justice. I recommend you just listen to this song, and the fact that Pharrell is on this track is like A++.

We The Kings - Find You There

This is my first We The Kings song, so I don't have much to say about them. But I will be looking for more to share with you guys. But this song reminds me of music by The Cab, which is probably why I like it. This whole list could be my new summer playlist.

- Tanisha
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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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