Sunday, August 11, 2013

This is not. Fair well this is a see you later.

Hello readers, lovely bloggers, amazing authors who follow us. It saddens me to say that OhhTee will be no longer be around. Life and everything else has gotten the best of us and we couldn't just leave without thanking you guys for being so amazing. We were just two regular readers who had a dream and because of you guys we got to live it for awhile. I know some of you read our blogs daily and we've let you down by not posting anything for so long. But thank you, for our views, for our follows on twitter, for the everything. This isn't a goodbye this is a see you later. Maybe I'll be back with my own book/personal blog or maybe you'll see some of Tee's computer skills with some other blogs layout. Who knows where we're going to end up but either way we love you guys. 

Take care, read books, fall in love and be happy. Till laters lovelies. 

xx. Ohh 


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