Friday, February 15, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Recap 4x14

Down the rabbit hole...

This episode was emotionally too much for me and T to handle..its safe to say that we shed tears and no we're not ashamed.

Let's begin with the fact that one of the 5 vampire hunters has captured Damon!! Not for nothing but even tied up and captured Damon is delicious and sarcastically funny. *swoon*

Klaus speaking another language has to be THE SEXIEST thing ever! He helped Caroline and Tyler translate the map..but of course there was a reason for that.

THERE'S ONLY ONE CURE!!! *dum dum dum*

Didn't see that one coming did you? Yeah neither did we.

When Rebekah finds Damon she tries to help him out but one the hunter shoots her, Stefan then comes and helps him out.

Now let's talk about how ONCE AGAIN Damon does something selfless and sends Stefan to help Elena to find the cure because he rather have her and Stefan happy. He accepted that you can't control everything. So once Stefan has freed him, Damon pulls out the bullets or whatever they're called out of Rebekah and she acknowledges that Damon might be becoming a half decent person.

Personally I always thought Damon was more than a decent person, I mean come on!

Klaus gives Tyler a head start! Can we please talk about the fact that the most dangerous and evil original actually gave anyone a chance to run for their life simply because Caroline asked him too!!!

Seriously if Caroline can't see how much Klaus loves her this should be a hint.
(I totally ship team Kloraline.♥)

Tyler and Caroline share the sweetest moment saying tugged at my heart. my broken heart.. It's not a goodbye Tyler..we'll see you soon. *crying*

Oh in case you're wondering professor shady pants has been left in the die. SERVES HIM RIGHT! (mean girl face >_<)

Drum roll please.....KATHERINE IS BACK!

Katherine by some miracle of the unknown makes herself look like Elena and then cuts Jeremy's wrist to feed Silas! Katherine you EVIL BITCH!

While feeding on Jeremy Silas snaps Jeremy's neck..............and Jeremy dies.........

I'm sorry but I have to pause there to say, PLEASE DON'T LET JEREMY BE DEAD!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE VAMPIRE DIARIES GOD DON'T LET JEREMY BE DEAD! *crying buckets of tears*

That's where the episode ends and now we wait till next week.

Is Silas alive? Where did Katherine run too? What will Klaus do? But most importantly IS JEREMY ALIVE??????????????????????????????????

My heart can't take all of these emotions..</3

Let us know what you thought of this episode.

xoxo O.


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