Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beneath This Man (This Man Trilogy)

We pick up the story right where we left off with Ava and Jesse. After Ava has discovered one of Jesse's secrets things get crazy horrible and fast. But once one sec
ret is out the rest start to follow.

Ava hasn't seen Jesse for 5 days. Not a single word has passed between them and it appears Jesse hasn't spoken to anyone. So when Sam (Jesse's mate) comes to Ava for help she can't refuse the cheeky bastard especially with that worried look he's carrying. But once Ava gets a look at Jesse she crumbles like a cookie that never had a chance. 

"He is cracked and broken, which means I am cracked and broken." 

Shocked at how she found her once strong, domineering man she can't but help feel guilty. But the sadness must be put to the side to bring her Jesse back. 

Once better and intact, Jesse does his relentless pursuit to make sure Ava never leaves him again. But with people who are vengeful against Jesse it seems that they'll do anything to get their revenge. Including going after the one person that Jesse loves..Ava

"I feel damned and blessed all at once for having found him." 

This story is crazy brill. It just gets better as you read. The secrets, the betrayal, the love. It's so clear to see that Jesse and Ava are meant for each other. This book is insanely good. Jesse Ward is definitely a man I wouldn't want to upset. But neither is Ava O'Shea. She's def one tough cookie and even though Jesse sucks her in she definitely showed in this book that she can be just as intense and deadly as Jesse. 

This Man Confessed comes out on July 2,2013 and I can NOT wait to read it. I'm seriously in love with Ava's challenging, neurotic, domineering ex playboy.  

xx. Ohh. 


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