Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Music Tuesday

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Last week my best friend introduced me to one of the hottest songs I've heard in awhile, but what makes the song better is that it's not from Drake, Kanye, or 2 Chainz. No this is from a young up and coming artist who's amazing if I do say so myself and who I needed to get my hands on before he blows up and Vibe and The Source are fighting each other for an exclusive interview with him. So as a special treat New Music Tuesday has a spotlight feature artist.

Quita is a 24 year old Dominican senior at Stony Brook University, from the Bronx, NY, currently finishing his last semester and working a part time job. His childhood was a mixture of both crazy friends and focusing on school. He had a lot of bad influences but his family kept him grounded and helped him propel to where he is now.

When asked what made him want to get into music and who inspired him he answered, "I never grew up listening to hip hop, it was more Micheal Jackson and older music. That kind of got me into writing poetry and then after listening to hip hop everyday for like 3/4 years I was addicted. So I took what I knew from poetry and applied it to rap. The one person who inspired me the MOST (other than the Jays, and the Kanyes) was Kendrick Lamar. I like that there is substance to his raps, and emotions. That made me want to get into writing raps."

Quita is a proud brother of Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity inc. it was actually his frat brother (my best friend thanks Los for making me listen) who told me about him, so those of you Greeks who are wondering if he performs at any Greek events he has performed poetry but not his music yet, but look out for him in the near future cause you might see your LB blowing the place up!

So where does this up and coming artist see himself in five years if he's not at the MTV awards rapping the roof off the place? "If I don't make it in music then I will make it in acting. I honestly feel like you can accomplish whatever you set out to accomplish."

If you're wondering who he's working with to make his music well don't wonder any longer, this young artist says he's been blessed to work with a really good artist named QWAACK. He even quoted what his mentor has said to him, "you always had it in you, now I just want to help you sharpen it."

Great words to hear from someone who is supporting him and helping him make his dreams come true right? Yeah, we thought so too.

So my last question to him was what did he have to say to you the readers who will hopefully go out and listen to his music and he said, and I'm quoting here so don't think I'm trying to make him sound all deep and humble (he's clearly very humble and being a poet deep haha), "I figured out that the key to making great music is being yourself while at the same time being relatable.  All my experiences in my raps are all me, either where I've been or where I'm trying to go. I like telling the stories of where I grew up while still staying true to who I was (never gang affiliated or drugs). I love productive criticism it only helps to better the artist so when ever listening to any of my projects feel free to comment to let me know where I can get better cause after all I'm just a student of the music."

To say it was a pleasure to get to interview him (even if it was via email) would be an understatement. This is clearly someone who's passionate about his music and appreciates that people are taking the time to listen to him. A very talented young hard working man, who's going to (mock my words) make it no matter what. So when you see him on MTV or BET remember that you read it here first.

To listen to his single "Where U Been At" click the link, listen and vote for him. We hoped you enjoyed this interview and getting to know a bit about the future of music. http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/audiodetail.aspx?audioid=229675

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