Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren Review

Where do I begin with this one? Chloe Mills is a strong willed, smart, hard working woman who doesn't take shit from anyone..not even her ass hat of a prick boss Bennett Ryan.

Mr.Ryan is a prick in every sense of the word, he's a total dick who only knows how to slam doors, yell, and criticize but aside from all of that he's also a hot piece of ass. A specimen of a man that makes woman fall for him. He's irresistible, but then again aren't all men that look like Adonis and are hung like gods? He's a beautiful bastard indeed.

One mistake is all that it took, one late night at work and Chloe and Bennett lost it. There was no more hiding the attraction, there was only more..

But she wasn't going to let her career end before it started, there is no way should would be known as the woman who fucker her way to the top. But Bennett won't just let her go, not after he had fallen for her smart mouth quick witted ways.

So what happens when you try to combine love and work? Can you work for the man you love? Or do you have to risk it all...but who ends up losing in the end? Your career or your love life?

Beautiful Bastard is sexy, funny, cute and deliciously sinful a great book, a great read. I definitely recommend this book. 5 beautiful bastard stars.

xoxo O.


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