Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Music Tuesday


If you're a fan of Passion Pit or Imagine Dragons (like Tanisha), its quite possible you're already a fan of Atlas Genius. 

Atlas Genius is a fairly new group, established in 2011, and are well on their way. Two of my favorite songs off their new album When It Was Now are "Trojans" and "If So". 

I first heard  their song randomly on Tumblr, and then someone like my photo on Instagram. When I went to their page, they had Atlas Genius all over their page. Soo...of course I had to check them out. 

You're probably thinking I favor a lot of Indie (well..yeah I do) but, they are well worth giving a listen to. If you like them (told you so), leave a comment and let me know. 

Currently they are on tour. You can check out their tour list here. But hurry, because most of their shows are sold out. 


First, check out that album cover. That is awesome album art right there. I wonder if they sell theirs like Sleeping at Last does? I'll find out. 

On February 4, 2012, OneRepublic announced on their twitter page that they would be coming out with a new album. After many delays and date changes, they've finally finished recording. 

Ladies and gentlemen, here is NATIVE!

Okay, so I know their NEW album doesn't come out until March 26th, I'm still über excited! I've already put the release date in my planner, and will be ready for iTunes at 11:59 pm on the 25th.  

This will be OneRepublic's third studio album, and probably the best yet. For some reason, OneRepublic has a tendency to get better and better after releasing an album. But I might be a biased opinion. 

For all our European followers, OneRepublic will be a month long tour in April. Click here to see the list of cities they will be stopping in. 

-Tanisha (:


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