Wednesday, February 20, 2013

50 Shades of Erotica

By Oriana G.

Its been said that since the phenomenon of 50 Shades of Grey more authors are coming out with erotic, BDSM themed stories. Can they thank E.L James for paving the way? Well yes and no, erotica books have been written since long before Christian and Anastasia made their way into our bookshelves, but they weren't as accepted by the public until now. E.L has definitely broken down barriers when it comes to whats acceptable now a days in our libraries and even more what us ladies find acceptable in our bedrooms (if you know what I mean ;)).

Erotic books have been around for many many years, my mother herself has said and I quote, "When I was younger I remember sneaking around reading erotic stories with my sisters thinking, if my mother or father caught me it would be totally worth it." My mothers favorite gift this year was Fifty Shades of Grey the trilogy, I couldn't be selfish and keep Christian all to myself. But would it have been acceptable for my mother to gift her mother a book like Fifty Shades back then? Definitely not! My grandmother as open minded as she was, would've probably had a heart attack reading about what Christian can do with a tie and handcuffs.

The phenomenon of this trilogy which has been nicknamed mommy porn has become a book that seems to bring women of all over the world together swooning over the main character Christian Grey, (and honestly I can't blame them, Mr.Grey is totally swoon worthy).

Here's a bit from an article of  "The female phenomenon of "50 Shades of Grey" written by Sara Underwood (FOX25 / MyFoxBoston) 

Dr. Karen Ruskin is a psychotherapist who says women are attracted to the main character's confidence and creativity in the bedroom.

"What the men aren't getting is that you got to do more than just… are you in the mood? Or just like roll over and touch her," says Dr. Ruskin.

Dr. Ruskin also shared some thoughts that men should take away from Christian Grey's actions.

 "Women want to be taken", she says, "They want to be wanted. Women are exhausted from communicating about what they want all day long to their man and want their man just to know what they want."

Woman want to be taken...ladies can we all agree with that statement? I hope we can, because it certainly is true. Men don't understand that there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to get us and use us to our full advantage. Women want to be seduced and lured in, our inner goddess wants to do a floor show for the men in our life who bring out the naughty in us.

Well one thing is for sure, Mr. Grey has paved the way for other steamy, dominant, sexy fictional characters; such as Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series (Bared to You, Reflected in You, and the anticipated third installment Entwined with You), Professor Emerson (Gabriel's Inferno and Rapture) and so many more other sexy delicious men who now grace our book shelves and dreams. ;) 

Now of course there are many people who think that FSOG isn't appropriate or isn't a well written story and have their own negative opinions. There's also some real life doms and subs who think that this story isn't accurately portrayed according to the BDSM lifestyle, but pish posh. E.L did an amazing job in the opinions of thousands of women who say that thanks to Mr.Grey their husbands, boyfriends, lovers whatever it may be, have learned from him and have made their love life steamy. (how deliciously sinful)  

So can you thank Fifty Shades of Grey for letting it be ok and acceptable to read about erotica, and to be open about what you want in bed without shame? Whether the answer is yes or no, Fifty Shades has definitely paved the way for many new erotic stories.


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