Thursday, February 07, 2013

Suddenly Sexy

OMG! I'm in love with Jesse Chapman! Seriously golf isn't my thing, but give me a golfer like him and I'll play, watch, whatever it takes to be with him.

 Notorious bad boy (of golf of all things) Jesse Chapman was good looking with a swing that could take Tiger Woods for a run for his money. Golfing was his life, but so was women and liquor...but now Jesse was a hero, or at least that what others thought of him, not so much what he thought of himself.

 Katherine Bloom at 27 was still trying to figure out who she was(like most of us women, huh?), but it all got more complicated when Jesse the love of her life comes back into town like a gust of wind. Katie has been in love with Jesse since..well all her life actually. Jesse was her savior everything she needed and wanted, he was always there for her, saving her, her own hero. But Now little Katie isn't so little and Jesse realizes that his little innocent Katie is now sexy, courageous Kate, and he's attracted to her, kind of like he's always been since she was 14 and he was 18, but now it's getting harder for him to resist her.

 But Jesse doesn't just come back to town for a visit, no there's more to it, with a secret of his own and one that he doesn't even know about, his life gets turned upside down and so does Kate's when pushed by her best friend Julia to let Jesse stay at her guest house.

 So many time we try to protect the ones we care, but when is it time to stop protecting them and protect yourself? 

Suddenly Sexy was such a cute story about finding yourself, letting go of things you can't change and realizing that love can concur all. It's crazy how I've had this book for years and never read it until now, and I'm so happy I did. Definitely a great little read, I completely recommend this, ladies please keep it together though cause Jesse Chapman is one hot golfer. ;)

 xoxo O.


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