Getting to Know Us

About Us! 

What do you get when two 22 year olds get together and decide to take on the world? A blog of course! A blog about everything and nothing at all. Well more like everything because if it was nothing who would ever come to our site? We read, so there will be book reviews, we listen to music, so there will be a list of what we're listening to and who we think can rock our world with a guitar or simply their voice ;). But we also like sports, poetry, certain tv shows and life. Life, such a simple word huh, yet so complex. We could have random rants about life or thoughts and ideas about things happening in the world right now. So prepare yourself for a whirl wind of topics, and thoughts, ideas, pretty much anything. Because our thoughts are stars we cannot fathom into a constellation. (John Green, The Fault in Our Stars) see already quoting books. 

Enjoy <3

Meet Your Lovely Bloggers

Oriana, but you can call her O. 

Hello world my name is Oriana.  I'm 22, Peruvian and a complete fool! In the best sense of the word fool of course ;). I use the winky face at completely inappropriate times as you can see lol. I'm young, full of questions, curious beyond my years. But also wise, not in the I've lived through so much I know it all type of ways. But wise in that I never seize to learn or hope type of way. I'm not an optimist or a pessimist, I'm a realist. I don't believe the grass is greener on the other side, I believe it green where you water it. But as cynical as I can be (which trust me I can be very cynical) I'm also a hopeless romantic. I believe in love, the grand gesture people make when they're in love. I believe that everyone has a soulmate and that if you're lucky you find yours. I believe that books are beautiful and that songs express the things you can't always say. But mainly I believe that as human beings, as twisted or messed up as we are, we deserve to be loved. We deserve to matter. We deserve to be happy. Anyways before I bore you guys to death I'll say ciao bella ;) (seriously the most inappropriate times lol.)

Tanisha, but you can call her Neesh. 

Usually, when writing a description about my self, I'm straight to the point. But I have been warned, that need to actually explain myself more. I'm a 22 year-old college student, that loves computers. I enjoy blogging, and social networks are fun. My major in college is Applied Information Technology, but thats only because I can't major in computer programming. When I'm not reading or listening to music, it's very likely I'm watching soccer. Soccer is the way to my heart. Especially if you are a FC Barcelona or a DC United fan. (You'll get extra love from me.) Unlike O, I like to see the better side of things. I'm very optimistic, and I'm working on her as well. (Haha). Some other activities I like to do would include: Photography, Painting, Reading, and playing my 360. 
My favorite author would be Edgar Allan Poe or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You can never go wrong with them and Poe is partly the reason I chose the university I attend.  Well, that's all I know about myself. Maybe through this new journey, I will discover more, and you can too.