Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Music Tuesday

This NMT will be a compilation between Oriana and I. I picked the songs, so lets see what Oriana thinks about them.

The Wanted - Walks Like Rihanna

Ok first of all LOL to this song from The Wanted, its super catchy though. "She can't sing, she can't dance but who cares she walks like Rihanna." haha. The song is pretty much about a girl who's good looking with no talent but well walks like RiRi. Now we all know that RiRi walks like she's walking down a runway so that's saying something. That woman walks with a swag like no other. I'm a huge fan of The Wanted but this song is not one of my faves. Its quirky and entertaining though, so listen to it and enjoy it .

Jessie J. - Wild (Feat. Big Sean)

Yassss Jessie!!!! This song is definietly going to be on repeat for me this summer. "If this is a dream won't open my eyes, am I asleep? No I'm alive, I just can't believe that this is my life, in my fantasy we're running wild." Yess girlll this song is so good. It had me dancing in my seat writing this. From the beat to the lyrics and Big Sean adds a little something something to this song, workkkk! A great summer song, in my fantasy I'm also running wild ;). Love this song. (fangirling this one all summer)

Little Mix - Dna

"And my heart won't beat again if I can't feel him in my veins." ufff this song is extra dope. Who would've thought you could sing about DNA? Its a great little love song, totes worth dedicating to your summer lover. The beat and the words are great. It's not sappy it has a great feel to it. Totally worth a listen or like 8 lol but what do I know, I'm just giving ya'll my opinion lol. I adore this song, I will def be bumping this while flirting with my summer boy ;)

Snakeships - On & On

This song is very chill, it has a very west coast, California vibe. It's a chill little track to listen to and sit on your stoop with your friends vibing and relaxing. "And it goes on and on and on way past just a game." cruiseeee. If you're a skater this is something you'll def want to take your board and cruise with. Chill song, great vibe. listen to it and enjoy it.

B.o.B - HeadBand (Feat. 2 Chainz)

Of course we needed a booty poppin ghetto girlllll song haha. This song is def for my young and ratchets and ain't no shame in that. This song is chill, "pussy tighter than a headband" ohhh. It is a bit explicit so keep the kiddies away from the uncensored version lol. But I won't lie I totally popped my little booty to this. I really like the beat and the feel of this song. Good rhymes, pretty decent beat, and I like the whistling in the background. "Like she do in the mirror" lol. Enjoy this one guys.

Overall all the songs Tee has chosen for NMT have a summerish vibe and are really cool to just listen to and chill. I hope you'll listen and let us know which song you liked and didn't like. Also let us know what you want to hear. Any artist you want to see on NMT? Email us and let us know.

On that note, I'm outty 500 lol. x.O


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