Monday, May 13, 2013

A lot like Love

Last week for my finals we had to present about opposites, my partner and I chose love and hate. Pretty simple concept, I opted for talking about hate, which seemed to have my ex boyfriend who happens to be in that class with me, ask me why I didn't talk about love instead. I looked at him like why would I talk about love and not have my married partner talk about it instead? He looked at me with a smirk and said “because you’re a hopeless romantic.” That led me to writing this post. I am a hopeless romantic and maybe that’s why I read all these love stories, and watch all those cheesy movies that make me cry and laugh and cry some more. I've been in love once my whole life and then I thought I was in love but realized that I was more in love with the idea than the person I was with. 

It’s something about the idea of love and being with someone that completes you that makes you feel safe and happy. But sometimes we push those people away, we let ourselves think that we don’t deserve the love and we build up walls but forget to build a door to let anyone in. All of us in a form are some kind of masochists we like the pain; we like being ripped apart and put up for a show. And the sadist in us lets us do it every time we fall in love. Falling in love doesn't hurt until you hit the ground, until you get out of the bubble you blew up. But all bubbles pop, and sometimes we need to face that rather than running from that. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, and yes I think love can conquer all. But I also think sometimes we need to let ourselves know the difference between being in love and loving the idea that we’re in love. We need to distinguish the feelings and not allow ourselves to be with someone simply because we think it’s what we want. Being selfish is ok if it makes you happy you should never have to settle for less.

With that said I want to let all our readers know, that love is beautiful, love is pure, love is a phenomenon. But love also hurts; it wounds us, leaves scars, and can be the most painful of all emotions. But if the person we love is really in all honesty the one, we will take the pain, accept the demons that come along with it, and brace ourselves for the ride. Because you don’t let the love of your life go, not for anything, not for anyone.. 

Always remember that if it makes you happy, than that’s all that matters. Find what and who makes you happy and you go for it.

x. O
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