Monday, May 13, 2013

Light in the Shadows (Find You in the Dark sequel) by A. MeredithWalters

"And he asked her to share his forever." 

Clayton Reed had a lot of issues, a destructive mind, and a love that triggered him in both good and bad ways . He was consumed by darkness but in that darkness he found the light..Maggie May Young. 

Maggie would love Clay no matter what, through it all, forever. She would save him even when she needed saving, she would risk it all for the boy she loves. But when Clay leaves and she realizes she's not strong enough to be okay..her world falls apart. She realizes that living in self pity isn't going to do her any good so she attempts to put herself and her life back together. That is until Clayton comes back and once again her world is turned upside down, inside out. 

Clayton comes back to Virginia after a horrible tragedy which makes him have to be the strong one, the one to depend on. But seeing Maggie again triggers something in him. The one girl he'll ever love, his light in the darkness. 

Wanting to do right by her Clay will try anything to get another chance with the girl he loves. But is he strong enough to handle it? Are there some issues you can't overcome? How many times can you tell yourself that you're ok when you're not? 

Light in the Shadows is an amazing story, a great continuation to Find You in the Dark. It brings you up and and takes you down. You feel for Clayton and Maggie and want their relationship to overcome it all. 

"In the dark, she became my light." 

There are some funny bits. Maggie is sarcastic and well Clay is Clay so even though you know it's rough and he's going through some issues you will giggle here and there. But mainly this story is real, it shows you that you can overcome the demons who try and take over your life. But mainly it shows you that no matter how screwed up you are when someone honestly loves you, they love you for everything you are; demons and all. 

"I'll wait for you. I'll always wait for you."

Read this story and love it and remember if you're going through hell keep going. The thing about shadows is that there has to be light in order to have them. 

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