Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Music Tuesday!

Check out the New Music I've chosen for you today! 

New Album Releases of the Week: 

Paramore - Paramore 
Paramore has released their self-titled album Paramore this week, and like always, they never disappoint. Our favorite red-head Hayley is back with her crew. When ever I hear Paramore I think of their Riot album (which is my fave), and think, can they do better? Well here is the answer...YES! The best part is, I like how they stuck with their old sound, but got a mature vibe. You can see from the comments below on the track, people agree. Check out their album, and you can buy it here.

Fall Out Boy- Save Rock and Roll

In a past NMT post, we talked about how much we ADORE Fall Out Boy. (You can view that here.) Now that I've heard the entire Save Rock and Roll album, I'm still impressed. Patrick vocals are slaying all over, and that is not a bad thing. Phoenix has to be my favorite song on the album, but by tomorrow afternoon, that might change. Fall Out Boy are still on tour, so check here for the tour dates. But a lot of the dates are sold out, so move fast. Also, you can buy their album here.

Kid Cudi - Indicud
I was never really a Kid Cudi fan, but this album might have changed that. He has a serious flow, and I'm disappointed in myself for not being hip to him sooner. He has such a stoner vibe, and quite frankly, I love it. Most you know now I'm not really into the whole "hip-hop" scene anymore, but I know who Too $hort is, and he's a great feature for this song. The song Girls happens to be my favorite off the Indicudi album, and it will probably be one of the hottest songs of the season. You can buy Indicud here.

Honorable Mentions:

James Blake - Overgrown 

New Kids on the Block - 10 

The Band Perry - Pioneer  

-Tanisha (:


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