Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New Music Tuesday

Check out the New Music I've chosen for you today! 

Selena Gomez- Come & Get It:
Selena Gomez is BACK! Left Justin in the dust, and kept going. With a Bollywood theme, this song is brilliant, and perfect for the windows down, music blasting weather we're having right now in Maryland. Fresh from acting in Spring Breakers, now back to music; I hope all her new songs are as vibrant as this one. Now all we have to do is wait on an album release date.

Jonas Brothers -  Pom Poms 
The Jonas Brothers have reunited, and I'm totally excited! Honestly, the song is totally cheezy, but I still like it. Another reason I'm excited, is because missed the brothers together. They were the OneDirection before OneDirection. I hope this song helps them get back up there, even if it sounds like it belongs on Disney Channel.

Ray J - I hit it first 
Is it totally inappropriate that actually enjoy this song? The reason behind the song is completely irrelevant to why I like it. I won't even go there. But the song is actually not bad. It's very catchy, and I mean, we've heard worse by other famous rappers. I think he only wrote the song to get back in the limelight, but at least he has talent. 

-Tanisha (:


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