Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Release Me by J.Kenner

"I want to lose myself in his kiss.I want to let the fire that's spreading over my body grow.Maybe it will consume me.Maybe,like a phoenix,I will rise again after being incinerated by Damien Stark's touch."

Nikki is a young college grad, at 24 she's out to run the world on her on terms and merits. She's a brilliant young lady who has ideas of her own she even has apps already out on the market. But everything changes when she meets him....Damien Stark.

“He is Jason and Hercules and Perseus---a figure so strong and beautiful and heroic that the blood of the gods must flow through him, because how else could a being so fine exist in this world?” 

Their attraction to each other was instant a beautiful man a beautiful woman, but Nikki is just more than a pretty face, she has scars and some scars run deep and never leave us. 

"Everyone breaks a little sometimes. That doesn't make you weak. It makes you wounded. And I will always be there to help you heal."

When Damien makes her an offer she can't refuse will her scars hold her back? Will her fear of the dark keep her from falling captive of this strong, controlling man who she desperately wants? Or will she cave even though she knows he's dangerous and has secrets of his own?

"I'll get it because I want it-because I want you."

Damien has skeletons in his closet like everyone but when you're up so high you fall even harder. Could his secrets destroy them? Will Nikki be strong enough to handle whatever Damien has hidden away for so long? 

Your past never really leaves you if you never face it.

Release Me is the first book in the Stark trilogy the second book Claim Me is set to be out on April 23, 2013 and I can NOT wait to read the second book. J.Kenner welcome to my favorite authors club!

Read this book, fall in love with Damien Stark.

5 perfect stars

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