Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suicide Note by Teresa Mummert

Sometimes life gets a lot overwhelming and we need an escape. We think we're not strong enough to handle everything and we break..but that's when life throws us a curve ball and gives us a ray of sunshine, a bit of hope.

Jenn was tired of living in her sisters shadow and never being good enough for anyone, she just wanted to start over. Shane is a soldier who only knows how to be a soldier and nothing else..or so he thinks. She's so much stronger than she knows, she's so much more than just her sisters shadow.

On R&R Shane goes to Maine to visit his cousin and gets more than what he bargains for. He thought she needed saving and that he could be the one to save her, but in realit
y he needed saving and she was exactly what he needed. 

"She was my gravity. She was the light in the darkest of my days, and her smile ignited a flame inside of me that had gone out a long time ago."

A note that was misunderstood, two people going through some serious tough times. They will help each other in more ways than one.

At first I didn't understand how I felt about this book but as I kept reading I fell in love. In love with this soldier and in love with Jenn and their story. It was to short though!! I want more lol but the ending was perfect.

Loved it.



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