Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Unidentified Redhead (The Redhead Series #1) - Alice Clayton, Review

I finished Wallbanger by Alice Clayton, and immediately searched for more books by her. Found The Redhead Series, and yup, I was hooked. 

If you're looking for a book that makes you laugh, is fun, and full of sexiness, this is your book. 

Grace Sheridan is back in L.A. with ONE major purpose; to make it on Broadway. The first time she was there it didn't goal well. She made her way back home, gained like 50lbs and became anti-social. But one day her friends took her to see RENT, and it was the best day of her life; reminding her of why she was here on this green earth. While her house is being worked on, she's staying with her best friend Holly. Holly is a very successful entertainment manager that is representing her and the up-and-coming Brit, Jack Hamilton. 

Jack Hamilton, 24 and sexy as hell, is playing the lead role as "Super Sexy Science Guy"for the movie Time, and now everyone is taking notice of him.

Once Jack (the irresistible, insatiable Brit) and Grace meet at Holly's party, it was instant chemistry. Honestly, who knew you could bond over Chex-Mix? Because if that's the new way to pick up a hot man like Jack, I'm stopping by 7-11, and finding a bar immediately. 

Now for them having a relationship is not easy, mind you. She's 33 and he's 24, her biggest concern is not letting people to find out and becoming the "cougar", because of the nine year age difference. Also, she's afraid of what the relationship will do to his new career. She's trying to stay hidden as much as possible, but that's not as easy as she hopes. It doesn't hurt that Holly wants Jack to maintain a "single" status image for the movie. But Jack could honestly care less. He would love the world to know about his woman. (swoon worthy right?) 

Oh, but I'm forgetting the best part! I know for a fact that the sex was AMAZING. I mean, if you can end up in a closet during sexy time, someone is doing it right. Just this part right here says it all.
“He pushed me back up against the door, slamming me against the doorbell. I heard it ring out.

"Coming!" I heard Holly say as she clicked across the floor to the front door.
"Not quite, but she’s close." He chuckled, removing his hand and leaving me breathless and rosy cheeked.”  
I mean, WOAH! I need me some Jack Hamilton immediately, since someone has pointed out recently I'm past due. 

But towards the end of the book, Grace gets an offer to work in NYC with an old guy friend, making things very tricky. So the closer these two get, the harder it is for Grace to make the biggest decision of her life: Should she stay? Or should she go?

Oh, did I mention that guy friend was an ex-guy-she-slept-with-in-college-but-things-got-awkward? But you have to read and see what happens with that. 

Honestly, this book is great and you would be crazy if you didn't read it. I mean seriously, this book brings the funny!
“Yeah, she's right here. She's in the shower, in fact…Oh, Jack! I told Grace the funniest joke about the British invading her hoo—Wait, what?…Hold on…Grace, Jack would like you to know that he has seen the pictures and he thinks you were pointing that shrimp at him far too aggressively…No, she isn't acknowledging you. She's now banging her head against the shower tiles…Oops, now she's glaring at me…she's turning off the shower, Jack…she's coming towards me…she's naked, Jack…and angry…she's naked and angry, Jack…you would probably love angry, naked Grace. It's something to see. She's hitting me, Jack…I think she's going to take the phone away from…” 
-Tanisha (:  


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