Monday, April 15, 2013

Fighting For Flight by Jamie Salsbury

It was just weeks away from his biggest fight ever,  Jonah "The Assassin" Slade only had to worry about concentrating long enough to take home the belt. He was the notorious bad boy of the MMA world. Young, beyond sexy and with killer instincts that made him unbeatable. That is until everything changes and he meets Raven Morretti . 

Raven is sweet, beautiful, and a mechanic...a guys dream girl. She without even trying manages to get in Jonah's head and makes him want to trade in his bad boy rep for a more good boy in love rep. But Raven has a past unlike most others. She is the only only daughter to an infamous Las Vegas pimp, one who threatens to ruin everything for her.

She grew up isolated, an outcast, her mother and her were never really close for reasons you'll find out while reading the story. Raven's a smart girl and all she wanted was to not fall into the same horrible lifestyle her mother was once in but its not that easy when her life and the life of those she loves is on the line.

Jonah will do anything to protect her, anything he must as long as he keeps her safe..But bad people are always bad and sometimes breaking a deal with the devil can cost you so much more than you bargained for. Will Jonah and Raven make it through all the bad? Is she destined to follow in the footsteps of her mother? So many questions to answer. This book was a great read, in both her and his pov it was definitely one I will read again. 

"This whole time I thought I was living. But the day I met you, the lights came on. You fill me with things I thought I'd never feel again. You're my angel baby. "

You will fall for Jonah and Raven, you will love them separately and together as a couple. AND you'll also love Blake...lord knows Blake is an amazing friend and his one liners are hilarious. You can read about his story in "Fighting to Forgive"

Loveee it. Read it. Adore it.

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