Friday, June 21, 2013

Red Letters by Krystina Stevens, Review

First I would like to say, this copy of Red Letters has been given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. It is my goal to be as honest as I can to help the authors growth in any way possible.

Now, on to the good part!

Tania has a problem, which I think a lot of women can relate to. Her fiancé, Martin, is a work-a-holic. He eats, sleeps, and breathes work. Since he's overly consumed with his work, he leaves Tania home alone quite often. She feels neglected, angry, disappointed, and point-blank lonely.

Martin feels that all his hard work will pay off in the future for them when he has moved up in the ranks of the company. They have a wonderful house, cars, and life; but that all comes with a hefty price.

While Martin is gone slaving away at work, Tania starts receiving these mysterious handwritten red letters. The first one states:

"You are beautiful."

Then the second one :

"You are desirable" 

She's been neglected by her fiancé for the past two years, so when all this special 'attention' sparks up, she starts looking for comfort in all the wrong places.

From the moment she opened that first letter, things went down hill. But the question is, can she make the right decision and pick up the pieces? Or will she continue to go down the path of mystery?

At first it took a while to get into the story, but I think it's because Ms. Stevens is very detailed for every scene. Which in my opinion helps and hurts the flow of the book. Also, I enjoyed how she portrayed the friendship between Tania and Katie, it reminded me of Oriana and I. Except we haven't gone everything they've gone through. But you'll understand when you read the book.

My recommendation is to have Red Letters turned into a screen play and shipped to the headquarters of Lifetime immediately. This book as LMN written all over it. It had love, passion, thrilling scenes, plot twist. EVERYTHING.

But in all, I really did enjoy this book, and I recommend it to everyone that enjoys a good Lifetime movie.

Read this book, and then let the author know just how much you liked it. (:

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-Tanisha (:


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