Friday, June 14, 2013

If You Stay by Courtney Cole

Pax is a bad boy with a void he fills with booze, women and drugs. He's sexy and dangerous, every good girls dream or nightmare. He's a troubled soul with memories he's trying to forget. The truth will set you free, right? Or will they burn you to your core?

"He's gorgeous, and flawed and sexy. And i have no idea what I'm getting into." 

Mila is a ray of sunshine, everything good that a person can be is Mila. But she's got a past as well one she tries to cope with. She doesn't hide from it, she deals with it. 

So how did it all begin? Well it all starts on the night Pax and Mila meet. From there on nothing will ever be the same. Pax knows he's an asshole and he's accepted that. But Mila refuses to believe that. She knows deep down Pax can be fixed. Not for her, but for himself. 

"Are you trying to find some sort of reason that I've become such an asshole? The reason is...I'm an asshole. Period. Assholes are assholes. Rainbows are pretty. Kittens are cute. Chick flicks are sad. It's the way of things, no explanations."

But sometimes you can't keep the nightmares away and what happens when the truth comes out might break you beyond repair. 

"Because it's easier to fade out of reality than face it." 

So what do you do then? When you're broken and even the ones you love can't keep you together? 

"That's a travesty of life. Sometimes we hurt those that we love the most." 

If You Stay was such a great read. The drama, the love, the secrets and truths that are revealed. From the moment you begin this book ( the beginning will definitely have you blushing.) till the moment you put it down; it's simply amazing. Pax is a character that you feel for and Mila is one hell of a woman to love him. Love never fails and this book def shows that. When someone really loves you they'll never give up on you. 

Courtney Cole hit the nail with this one. I loveddddddd it. I hope you guys do too. 

Spoiler alert (not really a spoiler but I'll let you in on a secret) I cried at the end. Sue me. Lol. 

xx. Ohh 


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