Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have the greatest respect for the literary arts, especially for Sir Author Conan Doyle (and Poe, but we won't go there).

Check out that mustache, he is freaking awesome. --> 

 There has been many adaptations to the worlds greatest Sherlock Holmes, and I'm excited that the BBC has decided on a season THREE and FOUR of Sherlock. 

So because tomorrow is the first day of filming season three, I am declaring it NATIONAL SHERLOCK DAY! If you follow me on any of my social networks, I will be talking about Sherlock. 

I'm excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch back in action as Sherlock. I won't spoil the ending of season two, but if you have the time, grab a bucket of popcorn and turn on Netflix (I checked PBS, but it's not on there anymore.) and have a day with it! 

-Tanisha (: 


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