Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Music Tuesday

Featured Artist "MottaGang"

So of course I had to jump on the chance to interview a new up and coming group especially since one of the members is a hottie that I personally know. I was lucky enough to be squeezed into their schedule and get some questions answered. 

If you're into rap and hip hop you'll definitely love these guys. They're raunchy very "thug life" but it's dope. I gave it a listen and thought it was amazeballs. 

Of course all good interviews start with the basic questions. What's the name of the group and who are the members? "Well the name of our group is "MottaGang" which stems from a brotherhood formed many years ago by the name of "mbam"  mottagang consists of the following , "KillaTal" "Marz" "ElGifted" "shiggz"  we live by the motta. InBamWeTrust!" Doesn't that sound awesome? In Bam We Trust..kind of like In God we trust..interesting huh? 

After getting that answered I had to ask what made a group of hot 20 something year old get together and become a group? Well apparently killatal (aka Jorge since that's what I know him as lol) met gifted when he was 16  and they formed a crew which was called Mbam with Buck and Twizzy. Shortly after they met Marz,Shiggz,Cuervo,and Rich. They formed a big family with 4 of them being individual artists as well as a group. 

Isn't is awesome when hot guys decide to get together and become a group? Yes ladies, we are lucky we get eye candy and good music. YASS! (That's yes for those of you who haven't picked up on my way of talking yet.)
So you have to wonder who influenced this young group of gentlemen to get involved in the music business to begin with. After all everyone has someone that makes them want to reach their dreams and become more. To name a few artists who influenced them (just a couple haha) Wutang, 50cent, Mobbdeep, Nas, Jayz, Jadakiss, StylesP, Dmx, Tupac, Biggie, BigL, BigPun, (imagine if he had mentioned everyone, that's just a few lol) and the this list goes on and on. They also listen to some of the new school rap out now but since they are an up and coming group they prefer to not gas any heads. Lol you have to love their honesty. 

Personally I always want to know where an artist sees themselves in the future so I had to ask where does MottaGang see themselves in 5 years? "In 5 years I see "mottagang" being an elite music group in the tri state  area  with all of us having our own individual fan base  Making some heavy noise!  The new "Wu"is here. The new "unit" is here. The new "RR" is here!! MottaGang!" WOOF! Sounds legit to me, seems like we will be hearing a lot of these boys in the future. 

If you're wondering if they have any performances lined up well at the moment they don't, they're so busy being lab rats that they haven't penciled in any performances. But I'm sure as soon as they do start performing I'll be sure to let you guys know. 

Make sure to check them out on YouTube and support the Motta movement. 

I want to personally thank Jorge (Killatal) for taking time off his busy schedule to answer my questions and make this interview happen. Good luck to you guys and can't wait to here more from you guys. 

xoxo. O 


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