Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skin Deep By: Pamela Clare

Such a good story!!!! An honorable marine, a mother with a horrible past. Two people who don't think they deserve love but when they find each other nothing is impossible.

Ok, first off I LOVE NATE! Seriously, a man who is selfless, kind, generous and good he was a marine! Burns or no burns I would stick with him till the end. I hated his fiance for leaving him even though she was only mentioned in the book for like 5 seconds I still hated her for leaving him when he needed her the most.

Now lets talk about Megan, shes a good woman with a bad past, I won't give away what she did because that defeats the purpose of reading it but know that she's an amazing mother who deserves happiness and even more than that she deserves love. Men have hurt her in the past, but she'll do whatever to make sure that Emily (her daughter) has a better childhood than she did.

But what happens when her past and her present collides? Donny has no idea that Megan is stronger now, she's no longer the weak little girl she once used to be. He also has no idea that Nate would do anything for her and Emily...anything at all to keep them safe.

Great love story, great plot, overall a great read. Loved it <3


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