Thursday, January 31, 2013

Entwined With You

Well it's out! The cover of the highly anticipated third book in the crossfire series "Entwined With You".

Finally our Gideon and Eva will be back. The book is set to come out June 4th, 2013!

I personally tweeted Sylvia Day and asked her if that's the OFFICIAL day of release because I CAN NOT take another push back for that book. So it is confirmed by Sylvia Day that it is the OFFICIAL date. Finally thank you baby Jesus no more pushing it back.

So just 5 more months...we can make it right? I mean we've gone this long!

Okay maybe we'll go crazy and throw hissy fits but at least we can distract ourselves with other book hunks and fall in love till our Mr. Cross comes back. ;)

xoxo O


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