Monday, July 01, 2013

Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley

I have to start this review saying that yes once again I have managed to find a book that made me cry like a little B.... Lol with that said I'm on to the actual review.

Jacob "Jake" Slater is the lead singer of Runaway Train. A notorious womanizer  with tattoos and piercing and he's every girls dream rockstar, every girls but Abigail "angel" Renard. 

"I'll get to you sometime, Angel. I'll break down all those goody girl walls you built around you."  

When trying to meet her brothers Abby ended up on the wrong tour bus. But once she met the charming rockstars especially Jake she wanted out ASAP. But Jake had something else in mind, betting sweet Abby that she wouldn't last a week on their tour bus. And Abby was a cut throat, kick ass and take names kind of girl so she sure as shit wasn't about to let some twatwaffle like Jake get the best of her. 

"We'd barely known each other twenty-four hours, so he didn't owe me anything. But, deep down, his behavior pierced through my heart to sting my soul.

What can happen in a week? Well a lot when you're stuck on a tour bus with a rock band. But most importantly what can you learn about a person in such short time? 

Is love possible in such a short time? I mean yeah they say love can happen at first sight but let's be honest do we all really believe that? Especially when you're a hot rockstar and an up and coming country singer. Who will try and get in the way? Can music and love conquer it all? 

This book was utter perfection. I know I say that a lot but I can't help it. Some authors know what they're doing when they pick up pen or start typing on their laptop. Katie Ashley makes you laugh, pissed, and heartbreakingly sad. God I was an emotional mess reading this one. She really knew how to make you feel for the characters and what's going on. Kudos Katie ku-freaking-dos. 

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